July 11, 2008

Executives expect more from the SC

A recent study by Archstone Consulting states that top manufacturing executives have changed their expectations from supply chain. Unlike yesteryears today, according to the study, executives expect their supply chain to both reduce cost and increase revenue.

Specifically executives in manufacturing industries want to use their SC to (1) add value to their products for higher margins, (2)reduce cost by reducing inefficiencies, (3) improving product innovations, and (4) reduce direct material costs.

At QLOGITEK we have always believed SC can positively contribute to the top-line while reducing ineffeciencies and thus cost. Our SaaS had provided many of our clients exactly this sought of experience. To illustrate my point take the case of our highly customizable SaaS solution L'eBiz used by our client RIM.

L'eBiz gives RIM, a manufacturer of handsets, clear visibility into their supply chain., This reduces cost by reducing inefficiencies. Similarly, another client, LCBO, has used our product sourcing and life cycle management module to increase their revenue.

In other words, we at QLOGITEK, hope more organizations leverage their supply chain to both reduce cost and drive revenue.

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