August 31, 2008

CIOs perceive SaaS is risk. Let us give them better info.

I found an interesting article by Tim Minahan via Randy Littleson's blog. Thanks Randy.

In my view Tim's article outlines the many advantages of SaaS delivery model over the traditional design-make/buy software delivery model. The main advantages that all SaaS provider tout are the following:
  1. SaaS requires no large capital investment,
  2. SaaS has no maintenance,
  3. SaaS has low integration and customization cost, and
  4. finally SaaS has short pay-back period.
According to a recent data collected by Burton Research Group and Ziff Davis Enterprise Research, over 48% CIOs perceive "greater information security risks" with SaaS.

I think the data is interesting, but in my opinion the value of this data to SaaS community is that user community needs to be better informed and educated about SaaS.

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