September 7, 2008

SaaS Panelist at Office2.0: SaaS is not just a f-word

Dsgnwok reported (thank you) that the SaaS panelist at the Office2.0, like me, were dismissive of Debes's article.

Yet again, another panel discussed the SaaS model and concurred that SaaS is not a bad four letter word. SaaS makes it easy for SMEs to use the best IT without huge investments; moreover, SaaS allows companies to stay focused on their competitive advantage. Interestingly the panelist all thought data security is not as big of a concern as it is made out to be. The most likely adopters of SaaS, according to the panelist, are technology companies, young organizations, and fast-gowring firms. I found it interesting to read that the best way to convince large organizations is to present a clear total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis between SaaS & on-premise software.

I think the fact that we are still debating the worth of industry is an indication that SaaS is still a nacent industry has a long way to go to be mainstream. I am certain the path to mainstream is going to be cleared by companies like QLogitek demonstrating the advantage of SaaS to multi-billion innovative companies like Hachette Distribution Services (HDS).

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