September 18, 2008

Sterling Commerce is now refocusing on supply chain solutions

AMR researchers, and Sterling Commerce suggested during their webcast today that  SOA/SaaS is ideal for 3PLs during these tough times. I agree with them. 

My view is SaaS systems are ideal for 3PLs because they deal with clients with numerous different types of systems who demand more functionality at lower costs. Our supply chain consultants have known this to be the case. 

One interesting remark made during the session was that Sterling Commerce is transitioning from being a business integration provider to a supply chain solutions provider. I think Sterling Commerce's entry into supply chain solution market is good for the market. This market needs competition.

There are many companies that need help with their long supply chains, I know this because at QLogitek we have been providing ASN capabilities and integrating EDI systems for a long time and the demand for this continues. One good example of a typical EDI integration success story in the form of a case-study outlines some big wins experienced by our clients when they adopted our SaaS Hosted EDI System

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