November 20, 2008

Want to be the next Virgin? Visit

I like compliments just as much as the next guy in the line! But when complements come from clients who have superior standards, they are sweeter. Any way, I just wanted to touch upon what Virgin Mobile Canada had to say about QLogitek’s outsourced EDI solution which integrates all their trading partners to their ERP system.

Edin Mesic, Director, Supply Chain at Virgin Mobile Canada. said:
QLogitek has been Virgin Mobile Canada’s partner in EDI integration almost from day one. The expertise that QLogitek brought to table and their knowledge in all aspects of EDI automation has been extremely helpful. In this ever-changing and fast paced wireless industry, quick turnaround of customer related data (such as sales orders, invoices etc) is absolutely crucial and this project has helped us keep our customer service levels up to very high “Virgin” standards. We are extremely pleased with results and looking forward to other possible future projects with QLogitek.

As a marketer I am an admirer of Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin brand, so I am elated to hear that QLogitek can deliver beyond “Virgin” standards! Here is a shout out to other high standard Canadian retailers, ask your self, how can QLogitek help me outsource EDI and be the next Virgin?

To the curious one I suggest you check out this case study on a very successful EDI outsourcing here and the full press release on Virgin’s and QLogitek’s EDI Outsourcing partnership.

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