November 10, 2008

Email campaigns and their consequence

Email campaigns are inexpensive compared to other marketing campaigns, so most organizations continue email campaigns without measuring their effectiveness or thinking about their consequences. Continuing (ineffective) email campaigns can result in two negative outcomes - (1) brand erosion and (2) loss of customer good will even among die-hard fans.

Today our marketing team sat down to take a hard look at our email marketing campaign. We are going to pull relevant data from last few campaigns to assess our performance.

I am a data-geek so I am looking forward to seeing the data on our past email campaigns. I am especially keen to look at the following dimensions (1)number of emails sent, (2) bounce rates, (3) open rates, and (4) click through rate.

Good references
1- Chittenden and Rettie (2003), An evaluation of e-mail marketing and factors affecting response, Journal of Target Measurement and Analysis for Marketing
2- Mullins (2007), How to ensure that your marketing emails are effective rather than annoying, Journal of Marketing.


May said...

It would be interesting to note the "unsubscribe rate".

I have several email lists and I find that when I send an email about my accounting software to my personal network, I get some unsubscribes.

You can look at the content and theme of each email and see who unsubscribed.

Jijesh said...

May thanks for the useful comment. I agree that unsubscribe rate will be a good stat to review as well.

My prior experience tells me that (existing) clients often don't unsubscribe because they don't want to miss out any future important support emails or key product announcements. Now that said, when they do unsubscribe it is a real bad sign.

Like you mentioned I will be looking into the unsubscribe rate as well. Thanks.