December 14, 2008

SaaS + OpenSource

I have had this post sitting in my draft folder for about a month and half, but fatherhood is funny and busy. Arun and Colleen are away at his grandparents, so this weekend is for blogging!

Now back to the post on SaaS and OpenSource. I am a big OpenSource fan and try to use OS software when ever possible. GIMP is a recent favorite raster design application of mine. Needless to say I was very excited when I read the following on the SourceForge forum

... Service Operations team is pleased to announce the launch of the first version of a new service offering, "Hosted Apps".

....the cornerstone of this offering is a scalable and multi-tenant efficient model for hosting Open Source web application instances for the Open Source Software development projects hosted on

With the launch of this new Hosted Apps offering, projects may opt-in to use any of the applications we currently support: phpBB (forums), MediaWiki (a wiki platform), or LimeSurvey (a survey tool).

This is the original forum post . I fully agree with them that "Open Source software development can be accelerated, and more enjoyable to developers, when the soft right tools are available;" moreover I think SaaS is the right model for efficient commercial deployment of Open Source software.

I feel this combination is a match made in heaven! SaaS is the easiest paradigm to take OS software to public. We all know navigating Sourceforge and other OS repositories can be a bit challenging to say the least.

To see the hosted applications go here and check it out.

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