December 26, 2008

SaaS Marketers on Twitter

Sometime last month I read about a lawyer and a doctor who created lists of lawyers and doctors using Twitter. So I thought it would nice to have a similar list of marketers' pedaling Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). So here it is, my first crack at the SaaS Marketers on Twitter list. The list is arranged alphabetically.

Now, let me clarify my position on marketing. I have an expansive view of marketing as described by Jaworski and Kohli (1993) and similar to Seth Godin's. Marketing is creating products and stories (about these products) that people desire to use and talk about. Given this somewhat non-departmental view I have of marketing you will notice this list includes traditional non-marketers, for example Product Managers, CEOs etc

Just as all the other content on this blog, this list is reusable as you please as long as you share alike and attribute (Creative Commons).

Once again the list is here. If you want to add yourself to this list just do so by filling out this form.