January 28, 2009

In-line marketing = f (online marketing x offline marketing)

I am a firm believer in aligning online and offline marketing efforts. At QLogitek while working on marketing our SaaS supply chain solutions I always strive to drive this point to my team.

Mathematically, effective marketing, what I refer to as inline marketing, is an integral fucntion of both online and offline marketing. In other words
In-line marketing = f (online x offline marketing)
When a HARO inquiry,requesting for input from marketing experts on effective ways to unite online and offline efforts, came in few weeks ago. I suggested a simple strategy featured as a Tuesday Tip by LotusJump.

I suggested that cafes, restaurant or small business do a periodic (annual, semi-annual, monthly, etc.) special discount day for bloggers in your neighborhood and advertise to all store visitors using flyers in their store and through verbal promotions

My view is this will help you connect with the bloggers in your community and will likely get you free publicity from people linking to your site who want to share this special discount day info with all of their blogger friends.