March 11, 2009

“Who's Leading Who? - The Piano Trio as a Leaderless Team"

I started typing this yesterday night watching Liverpool torment Real Madrid to a 4-0 defeat and today I continue this post watching Barca beat Lyon 4-2. 

Yesterday I left work early, at 3:20 PM, to attended a interactive workshop conducted by Rob Kapilow and The Gryphon Trio on leadership. I was not sure what to expect as I walked in the drizzle from St. George station to the Fleck Atrium in the Rotman building. The workshop started few minutes late with the introduction of the presenters.

This was the first time I was attending a live performance by The Gryphon Trio, and I have to say they are spectacular. The workshop very hands-on, entertaining, and informative. More on this later.