July 6, 2009

QLogitek.com relaunched

I have not blogged in a while, 29 days to be exact. I think it is fair to say I have been busy over the last few months. I (@TheSaaSGuy) have not been tweeting either !

I was busy in the design, development, and launch of QLogitek's new English and French websites. The site was launched on May 29 thanks to the efforts of QL's development team and ops team. The design was done by a team from India, Impinge Solutions and the CMS development was done by a team from Barrie, Ontario, Pavliks.

At the end of evaluating numerous CMSs (Joomla, MovableType, Drupal, and others) we settled on Sitefinity, from Telerik. I am very happy with our choice, especially because as a .net shop our dev team is able to work on creating user controls (more on this later). Before finishing this post I would like to say we have done really with all search engine related goals ( more on this in the next post).