September 26, 2009

I decided to be blogkrupt !

I took at look at the various blogs I have been following and reading, they are over 60. I am not sure why I am subscribing to these blogs and what I am gaining. Therefore, I decided it is time to declare blogkruptcy.

Blogkruptcy - I Googled the term to see if anyone else has coined and defined it, but to my surprise no one has. So here I am sipping some Dragon Jasmine green tea and brooding over what I just did.

I basically went to my Google Reader settings and selected all the blogs I am currently subscribing and hit unsubscribe! In two clicks I erased my subscriptions to numerous blogs and I am excited to start fresh.

So what is blogkruptcy, in my view, it is more that I did. Blogkruptcy is deleting your presence on the blogosphere by unsubscribing to all blogs and deleting your own blogs.