September 30, 2009

Persuading executives with charismatic decision making style

Persuading others, especially senior executives, is a challenge one often confronts in corporate life. After some reading on the matter this is how I see the art of persuasion.

Most folks fall into one of the five types of decision makers according to the work of Miller, Williams, and Hayashi charismatic, thinker, skeptic, follower, and controller.

Here are some interesting elements of this 5 paths/styles of decision making.

Charismatic decision makers:

About 25% of executives fall in this group. They are open to new ideas and are often excited by new ideas, but are cautious and tempered when making decisions. They rely equally on emotion and rational to arrive at their decisions.
Buzzwords that get their attention are results, proven, actions, show, watch, easy, clear, and focus.
Research suggests, while persuading charismatics folks to fight the urge to join their enthusiasm and focus on results. These type of decision makers prefer simple and straight arguments. They also prefer visual aids.

Do you currently work for someone whose decision making style is charismatic? Next post is on Thinkers.