September 29, 2009

Presenting like Steve Jobs

This morning, via GuyKawasaki's tweet, I came across a cool review of Carmine Gallo's recent book. Gallo provides 5 tips to on how to present like Steve Jobs. I had fun tweeting these 5 tips.

Here are the 5 steps to start being Steve Jobs:

1- Introduce the antagonist
Job's always introduces a villain before Apple rides in to save the day. In the early days of Apple it was IBM and these days it is of course, Microsoft/Windows. Carmine's suggests introducing a antagonists each time you are presenting. The villain may be a competitor, state of the industry etc
2- Create Twitter-friendly headlines
Job's is superior at writing headlines for jounalists, says Carmine. He suggests all presentation should be summarized into less than 140 characters. Example, Job's summed up his presentation on Appel's Mac Air with a simple statement - World's thinnest laptop !
3- Sell transformative experience (and not your product)
Job's, according to Carmin, only sells dreams. I think that is very true, when Job's first introduced iPod he did not talk about them as a better designed MP3 player. He talked about how the experience of listening to music would be transformed on the go.
4- Zen simplicity
Keep the presentation simple and visual. Keep it less Gates like !
5- Rehearse
This one is easy, but difficult to execute.

The video below is very good material about power point presentation.