November 10, 2009

Why marketers should read Peter Drucker?

I am reading an interesting HBR article titled Why Read Peter Drucker? in the recent HBR issue dedicated to him. I have been an admirer of Drucker's works since reading his The Effective Executive in college. 

Drucker passed away on Nov 11, 2005 at a grand age of 95. He influenced numerous manager as Intel's co-founder Andrew S. Grove added: "Like many philosophers, he spoke in plain language that resonated with ordinary managers. Consequently, simple statements from him have influenced untold numbers of daily actions; they did mine over decades."

Although Drucker is known for his pithy aphorism, I completely agree with Kantrow's conclusions on Druker's (and Druckersims) influence on current management discipline. Kantrow notes that Drucker’s books should command attention of modern managers not just for their ideas (or stock of aphorisms), but "to profit from the discipline of mind by which they are formulated." 

I especially think folks doing marketing (both marketers and non-marketers) will benefit from approaching marketing problems with an integrative problem solving toolkit.  When working on marketing problems,I think, it is worth asking what would Druker do to inspire one to take an integrative approach to problem solving.