March 4, 2010

SAP + Crossgate = B2B-EDI Samurai (may be?)

Crossgate (co-owened by SAP), the global expert in business-to-business integration (B2B), announced that SAP will resell Crossgate’s B2B engine and associated partner profiles under the name SAP Information Interchange application. This announcement indicates SAP's desire to ride in and battle with the large B2B-EDI players.

Theoretically, this new offering will allow existing SAP clients to easily connect their SAP ERP system with their trading partners in iDoc format using Remote Function Calls. In other words, this new offering from SAP should make its clients to connect with trading partners.

QLogitek has always emphasized the importance of extending ERP capability beyond companies boundaries into the partner-ecosystem. We have helped many organizations connect their SAP ERP to their trading partners.

My view is congruent with Kevin Benedict's assessment - this move by SAP is a direct response to the recent M&A activity (GXS+Inovis, Tibco+Foresight) and SAP sensing likely future incursion by these B2B players into SAPs territory.

The full press-release is available here.