April 26, 2010

Improving ERP appetite via B2B

Last month in a post I had mentioned about SAP's new B2B-EDI exchange solution - SAP Inteformation Interchange by Crossgate. I just learned that SAP Information Interchange allows companies to exchange electronic purchase orders, forecasts, invoices, delivery notes, and other documents directly from their SAP applications, eliminating the need for legacy B2B translators and EDI mapping tools.1

In the light of data - a) one third of all enterprise data to ERP systems comes from external sources and b) large install base of SAP - from folks like AMR and IDC It is interesting to note that SAP's Information Interchange can effectively mitigate issues around ERP implementation time frame. Therefore, it is likely to increase the ERP appetite of enterprises.

What do you think?

1- http://www.crossgate.com/solutions-amp-services/sap-information-interchange-by-crossgate/