June 26, 2010

Come define Canadian Digital Media with 49Pixels

Few days ago I attended the first meeting/unconversation held by 49Pixles project. It was my first time live blogging and I have to say barring my short battery life it was a fun experience.

49Pixels: If you work in digital media space in Canada and especially in TO you should stay on top of 49Pixels: Pixel to Product research study. This study's objective is "to create a classification system for Canada’s digital media industry and shed light on the industry’s size and scope." To learn more about the project and its lead researcher, Justin Kozuch follow @49pixels and @jkozuch. If you like what you see please volunteer.

Needless to say at a cool event like #49pixels you can be sure to meet cool folks like @gavangibson, @clickeric, @Khaleed_Juma, @tendermuffin, @lolakuketz and @joanneacri.