July 20, 2010

Humane customer service

In my opinion effective customer service doesn't involve wowing a unhappy customer, rather it involves providing a brief and timely response to the problem with a personal touch. I recently had a good customer service experience from BBC which I decided to call humane customer service.

As a BBC subscribe using BBC Listener app I have only been somewhat impressed by the app. I am especially irked by the fact that it does not support background listening. However I love the content.

So I emailed BBC Listener Feedback requesting background listening and multi-tasking. I did'nt expect to hear from them (I had low expectation given my CBC FIFA app experience), but I was very happy to receive an email from Matt :

Hi Jijesh,

Thanks for getting in touch. We're currently working on an iOS4 version with
background listening, multitasking and improved graphics. We hope to release
this in the next couple of weeks. It's on it's way!

Thanks again,

After reading this email and reflecting on my personal feelings, I am convinced that more than often what unsatisfied customers need is a brief and timely response to their issue with a personal touch, aka humane customer service. Have you experienced humane customer service recently?