July 9, 2010

Solid user experience key to information mobility

There is a lot of buzz around mobile computing and information mobility. I know many marketers working on mobile applications who often overlook an extremely key element of mobility - great user experience. Here is a quick overview of how Google approaches user experience in mobile apps.

Google's Leland Rechis was quoted in an Information Weekly article emphasizing that solid user experience is key to successful mobile apps. According to Rechis, Google reviews all mobile apps through the following 6 filters to ensure a solid user experience.
  1. Understanding users, anywhere, anytime
  2. Fits in your pocket
  3. More personal than the PC
  4. Consistency across modes
  5. Localization is intensified
  6. Integrated devices, modes, products
I think any one working on mobile apps should definitely be aware of the above 6 layers and should at least occassionally check out Google Official Mobile Blog, Windows Phone 7 Blog, and the Blackberry UI blog. Details of the above 6 filters are available for review here.