August 12, 2010

Influencing the B2B marketing

I have been thinking about effective means to engage influencers, so I found Gillian's post on CMA's blog interesting.

However, it is not clear to me from her post if the "content/message" of the direct mail/email should speak the influencer to get his mindshare or should it actually be ammunition for the influencer to cajole the decision makers in the case of B2B marketing?

My own view on influencing the influencer is not quite concrete; nevertheless this is my take in the B2B space for complex, multi-touch point sales items. In situations where one enjoys influencers mindshare one can target them with content that can aid them to cajole decision makers. And this has worked for me. What has often been the challange is tailoring a message that speaks to pain-point of influencers to get their mindshare!

How have you dealt with influencing the influencers in B2B space?