October 26, 2010

WePay's payback to PayPal & the art of guerrilla marketing

PayPal is the 800 pound gorilla in the online consumer and B2B SaaS payment space. Today they were attacked by WePay's guerrilla marketing (history from WikiPedia) ! I think this was an excellent tactic - it has brought WePay tons of press for few thousand dollars. Moreover, it symbolically represented an issue many PayPal users have experienced.

PayPal's developer conference turned out to be an ideal place for WePay to attack them in pure guerrilla marketing fashion. WepPay brought in 600 pound block of ice with hundreds of dollars locked beneath the surface. A clear message to PayPal community that “PayPal freezes your accounts” and that you should “unfreeze your money”… by switching to WePay, of course !

I liked this guerrilla marketing tactic WebPay employed, but would have been nicer if they could have gone with a 800 lbs ice block to attack the 800 lbs gorilla !
(Image source: TechCrunch)