January 24, 2012

3 steps to get more RTs

3 things that don't bring RTs 
  1. Avoid tweeting "in-your-face" content. 
  2. Avod questions - they don't get responses !
  3. Hashtags don't help RTs.
3 things that help 
  1. Give room. By keeping tweets between 70-90 characters. Doubles the likelyhood of RTs.
  2. Start strong. Words like WOW, LOOK, AWESOME increase RT chance by 40%.
  3. Cordially ask. Asking to be RT can increase RTing by 34%.
If you are interested to know how I arrived at these 3 dos and 3 don't s then read on. These are conclusions drawn from an academic research paper by Arvind Malhotra, the T.W. Lewis Scholar and Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Sloan Management Review. For those interested in the research methodology - tweets were collected from 47 companies spanning diverse business areas between January 26, 2011, to April 18, 2011. A random sample of 1,150 tweets were taken from all the tweets from within the chosen time period. OLS regression was used to test the interaction effects.