January 3, 2012

BBC iPlayer, now my favourite OTT service

BBC iPlayer on iPad in Canada
British Broadcasting Corporation's Global iPlayer (BBC iPlayer) is currently my favourite multiscreen over-the-top (OTT) video service on iPad. Here are the main reasons I really like the service.

  1. The quality of the videos on BBC iPlayer on iPad is stellar. I don't think it is HD quality but it sure seems like HD even when I AirPlay it to my 37" TV.
  2. The fluid GUI makes the app appealing and attractive, but non-distracting with too many user options. I do wish they provided a way to create favourite playlist.
  3. The third reason I really enjoy BBC iPlayer is the wide variety (12 genre) of quality content.
  4. Last, but not the least BBC iPlayer lets paid subscribers download shows for consumption when you don't have connectivity.